Passion Tutu

If you know me , you should notice that I am sometimes a little bit obsessed with some things, By the way, I invite you to read my article 12 things about me.

Tutu is one of these obsessions. I really like it because it represents all the things that I really like : girly stuff, dance and ma passion for wedding.

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Wedding Blog

A breath of fresh air is blowing on the good old wedding tradition. Conformity is over! Ugly white shoes left on the side! Adios traditional dragees that no one eat and the non-creative decoration! Au revoir retrograde priest’s speech and the HORRIFIC garters tradition ( I still can hear in my head  » How many for putting your head under my skirt, sir? ». WARNING: If you have chosen to do that for your wedding, it’s completely fine but the feminist that I am is completely desaprouving this tradition. Sorry-Not sorry).

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